About Us

The Mission

Our mission at Susinsight is to advance sustainability in Africa by providing comprehensive analysis, insightful reports, and compelling narratives on the current state of the economy, society, and environment across the continent.

The Objective

Our collective objective is to identify key trends and supply stakeholders in the region, such as policymakers, business leaders, researchers, and citizens, with valuable information.

The Ambition

We have an ambition to increase awareness and comprehension of Africa’s sustainability opportunities and challenges and to foster a more informed and involved public discussion on the matters impacting the continent.

The Team

Our growing and dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to comprehensive research and analysis, which allows us to make a noteworthy contribution to the continuing attempt to promote sustainable development in Africa and beyond.

The Publishers

Adetoro and Tomi, originating from Nigeria, have a passion for fostering lasting transformations in Africa and beyond. Through our collaborative efforts on Susinsight, we aim to spark insightful dialogues and advocate for practical measures that pave the way towards a more sustainable future in Africa.

Adetoro Adetayo, Co-Publisher
Tomi Abe, Co-Publisher

How We’re Different

Focused Expertise 🌍

Susinsight uniquely focuses on sustainability in Africa, using a specialized approach to deeply understand the region’s complexities and provide stakeholders with unmatched analysis and insights.

Holistic Perspective 🔄

Susinsight provides a comprehensive sustainability analysis, encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects, to ensure a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainable development goals.

Actionable Insights 🚀

Susinsight goes beyond mere reporting by delivering actionable insights and practical solutions, aiming to empower stakeholders, from policymakers to citizens, and inspire significant change through well-researched recommendations.

Community-Driven Engagement 🤝🏽

Susinsight promotes a community-driven approach, fostering active participation and dialogue with the belief that sustainable change is a collective effort, and catalyzes informed discussions among policymakers, business leaders, researchers, and the public.

Our Content

The content on Susinsight is currently thoughtfully curated across three engaging columns to provide a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in Africa.

Insightful Articles

Susinsight’s articles reveal sustainable development trends in Africa, aiming to enlighten readers on key sustainability aspects through in-depth explorations, educational content, and Q&A-style pieces, fostering awareness and understanding of appropriate sustainable practices.


Our spotlight features illuminate impactful SDG-driven initiatives in Africa, presenting real-world examples of positive change through projects that contribute to sustainable development goals, thereby inspiring our audience with substantial, influential, and transformative narratives.

Impact Stories

Explore the transformative influence of corporate social responsibility in Africa through Susinsight’s impact stories, which highlight CSR endeavors fostering sustainability, inspiring our audience, and demonstrating the significant role of businesses in driving positive change.

Susinsight is an initiative of Susbridge Solutions, an emerging provider of information services aimed at fostering sustainable change in Africa.