Adetola Adetayo

  Ireland Adetola is a Contributing Researcher and Writer at Susinsight, reporting on trends across Africa's economy, society, and environment. She holds an MSc in International Business and a BSc in Business Administration. Adetola works as an AML/KYC Analyst in Ireland.


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5 Stories by Adetola Adetayo

The Hidden Cost of Egypt’s Economic Growth

Despite Egypt's impressive economic growth, the stark reality of persistent poverty and environmental challenges reveals the hidden costs of a rapidly transforming economy, demanding...
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Do Nigerians Have an Appetite for Eco-Friendly Products?

Nigeria's evolving consumer landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses as they navigate the complexities of promoting sustainable products and practices in a...
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How Future For Africa Sparks Sustainable Change in Ghana

Future for Africa, a dynamic Ghanaian NGO, passionately drives transformative initiatives in education, healthcare, and community empowerment while strategically addressing environmental, societal, and economic...
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Hoops, Hurdles, and Hope: Nigeria’s Sporting Odyssey to Progress

Embarking on a transformative journey, Nigeria harnesses the unifying power of sports to navigate societal challenges, break through hurdles, and cultivate hope for a...
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Breaking the Chains of Social Injustice: Urgent Reforms Needed to Revive Nigeria

Discussing the importance of social justice for Nigeria's development and growth, highlighting the challenges faced by the country, and suggesting ways to improve social...
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