Adetoro Adetayo

  Nigeria Adetoro is the Co-Publisher and Editor at Susinsight, observing and reporting on trends acoss Africa's economy, society, and environment. She holds an MSc in Sustainable Chemical Engineering and a BSc in Chemical Engineering. Adetoro works as a Sustainability Research Consultant in Nigeria.


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12 Stories by Adetoro Adetayo

Namibia’s Daring Quest to Decarbonize the Steel Industry

The Oshivela project, launching in late 2024, will pioneer Africa's first zero-emissions industrial iron production using innovative HyIron technology, symbolizing a crucial stride towards...
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CSR’s Role in Africa’s Sustainable Future

In Africa's evolving development story, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role, fostering collaborative partnerships between businesses and communities to address the continent's...
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Drops of Life: Majik Water’s Solution for Arid Communities

Majik Water spearheads a groundbreaking approach to combating water scarcity in Kenya’s arid regions, utilizing innovative air-to-water technology to revolutionize clean drinking water accessibility...
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Trash to Treasure: Planet 3R’s Bold Move to Reshape Waste and Weave a Greener Future

Planet 3R, a visionary social enterprise based in Nigeria, leads the way in sustainable practices by transforming textile and plastic waste into avant-garde products,...
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Lagos Plastic Ban: A Bold Step or an Economic Blow?

The Lagos State government's decisive ban on single-use plastics and styrofoam sparks intense discussions about its economic impact, prompting a nuanced critique and alternative...
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Threads of Progress: Nigeria’s Fashion Scene Embraces a Sustainable Future

Illustration by Tomi Abe. Within Nigeria's vibrant fashion landscape, a nuanced balance between its rich cultural heritage and urgent environmental challenges is unveiled. Local...
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Combating Climate Change in Nigeria Through Collective Action

Illustration by Tomi Abe. Highlighting Nigeria's vulnerabilities to climate change, the need to transition to renewable energy, building climate resilience, mobilizing resources, environmental journalism,...
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Sustainable Cold Storage Solutions for Off-Grid African Businesses: The Koolboks Approach

Highlighting Koolboks; a provider of eco-friendly, solar-powered refrigeration products to the Nigerian market, making refrigeration more accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly, while also discussing...
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Addressing Nigeria’s Water Treatment Challenges and Impact on Communities

Nigeria's significant challenges in water treatment, its lack of access to safe drinking water, and initiatives that have been implemented to improve water management.
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The Fascinating Story of BURN: a Leading Cookstove Manufacturing Company

BURN produces super fuel-efficient cookstoves to benefit the environment, health, and safety of individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa while also contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.
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Empowering Women in STEM: Strategies for Achieving Equal Opportunity and Inclusion in Africa

Highlighting the gender gap in STEM education in Africa, the challenges faced by women, and the need to support girls’ education and promote inclusive...
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Why should Africa care about Sustainability?

Emphasizing the significance of sustainable development in Africa, addressing the challenges faced by the continent, and suggesting potential strategies to promote it.
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