East Africa contributes to the SDGs through initiatives focused on improving food security, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and enhancing access to healthcare and education for its growing population.

East Africa

Drops of Life: Majik Water’s Solution for Arid Communities

Majik Water spearheads a groundbreaking approach to combating water scarcity in Kenya’s arid regions, utilizing innovative air-to-water technology to revolutionize clean...
Adetoro Adetayo
9 min read

How Lake Turkana Powers Kenya’s Green Revolution

Lake Turkana Wind Power Limited (LTWP), Africa's largest wind farm located in Marsabit County, Kenya, with its monumental array of 365...
Avatar photo Tomi Abe
7 min read

Drone Rangers: Zipline’s Quest for Greener Logistics

Zipline, a pioneering force in green logistics, is revolutionizing global access to healthcare, consumer products, and food through its innovative use...
Favour Olumuyiwa
5 min read

The Fascinating Story of BURN: a Leading Cookstove Manufacturing Company

BURN produces super fuel-efficient cookstoves to benefit the environment, health, and safety of individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa while also contributing to...
Adetoro Adetayo
3 min read