Ensuring access to clean water and adequate sanitation to promote health, well-being, and sustainable development.

Clean Water

Drops of Life: Majik Water’s Solution for Arid Communities

Majik Water spearheads a groundbreaking approach to combating water scarcity in Kenya’s arid regions, utilizing innovative air-to-water technology to revolutionize clean...
Adetoro Adetayo
9 min read

How Future For Africa Sparks Sustainable Change in Ghana

Future for Africa, a dynamic Ghanaian NGO, passionately drives transformative initiatives in education, healthcare, and community empowerment while strategically addressing environmental,...
Adetola Adetayo
6 min read

Lagos Plastic Ban: A Bold Step or an Economic Blow?

The Lagos State government's decisive ban on single-use plastics and styrofoam sparks intense discussions about its economic impact, prompting a nuanced...
Adetoro Adetayo
8 min read

Addressing Nigeria’s Water Treatment Challenges and Impact on Communities

Nigeria's significant challenges in water treatment, its lack of access to safe drinking water, and initiatives that have been implemented to...
Adetoro Adetayo
3 min read

Why should Africa care about Sustainability?

Emphasizing the significance of sustainable development in Africa, addressing the challenges faced by the continent, and suggesting potential strategies to promote...
Adetoro Adetayo
3 min read