Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, ensuring access to justice, and building effective, accountable, and transparent institutions.

Peace and Justice

Passport Privilege: The Hidden Inequalities in Global Travel

The stark disparities in passport power, rooted in historical and geopolitical factors, highlight a "travel apartheid" that severely limits the mobility...
Avatar photo Tomi Abe
6 min read

Lake Chad: Understanding Nature’s Retreat

From the ancient crossroads of culture and commerce to a modern-day symbol of environmental crisis, the dramatic retreat of Lake Chad...
Avatar photo Tomi Abe
5 min read

Scorched Earth, Simmering Tensions: How Extreme Heat is Fueling Conflict in South Sudan

In the scorching reality of South Sudan, where climate change collides with socio-political strife, the quest for survival intertwines with the...
Avatar photo Favour Olumuyiwa
7 min read

How Lake Turkana Powers Kenya’s Green Revolution

Lake Turkana Wind Power Limited (LTWP), Africa's largest wind farm located in Marsabit County, Kenya, with its monumental array of 365...
Avatar photo Tomi Abe
7 min read

Hoops, Hurdles, and Hope: Nigeria’s Sporting Odyssey to Progress

Embarking on a transformative journey, Nigeria harnesses the unifying power of sports to navigate societal challenges, break through hurdles, and cultivate...
Avatar photo Adetola Adetayo
3 min read

Breaking the Chains of Social Injustice: Urgent Reforms Needed to Revive Nigeria

Discussing the importance of social justice for Nigeria's development and growth, highlighting the challenges faced by the country, and suggesting ways...
Avatar photo Adetola Adetayo
4 min read