Ensuring everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food to eliminate hunger and promote food security globally.

Zero Hunger

Lake Chad: Understanding Nature’s Retreat

From the ancient crossroads of culture and commerce to a modern-day symbol of environmental crisis, the dramatic retreat of Lake Chad...
Avatar photo Tomi Abe
5 min read

Scorched Earth, Simmering Tensions: How Extreme Heat is Fueling Conflict in South Sudan

In the scorching reality of South Sudan, where climate change collides with socio-political strife, the quest for survival intertwines with the...
Avatar photo Favour Olumuyiwa
7 min read

CSR’s Role in Africa’s Sustainable Future

In Africa's evolving development story, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role, fostering collaborative partnerships between businesses and communities to...
Avatar photo Adetoro Adetayo
11 min read

The Fascinating Story of BURN: a Leading Cookstove Manufacturing Company

BURN produces super fuel-efficient cookstoves to benefit the environment, health, and safety of individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa while also contributing to...
Avatar photo Adetoro Adetayo
3 min read

Why should Africa care about Sustainability?

Emphasizing the significance of sustainable development in Africa, addressing the challenges faced by the continent, and suggesting potential strategies to promote...
Avatar photo Adetoro Adetayo
3 min read